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    My mom had always been happy with her beautiful, silky, chocolate brunette hair. So the day she found one strand which suddenly turned from a smooth brown to a wiry white, she was annoyed. She was only forty, after all, how could she be going white? I found this here: Going Gray in Style

    “Was that the day you got the credit card bill?” I asked her.

    “I do not know,” she said, still looking at the strand in wonderment.

    It’s been a few years now, and the hair at my mom’s temples continues to fade slowly into white. She doesn’t pluck it anymore, but she still doesn’t like the white because she buys into what says is “the long-standing perception that men with gray hair seem wiser, while women just seem old.” Thus, while only seven percent of women in 1950 colored their hair; “today, it's closer to 95 percent.”

    When dying your hair gets old

    Fortunately, there is another option. While many women continue to dye their hair, there is also a brand new trend. According to Oprah Winfrey Magazine, “a growing number of women-courageous, rebellious, or just exhausted by the tedium of coloring-are going brazenly, vividly gray.” If you’re up for it, here are some recommendations for making that transition.

    The silver number

    If you currently dye your hair, “wait until your roots are at least 60% silver before giving up your dye job, so your brand new gray hair hue will look symmetrical and natural as it grows in,” is a suggestion from colorist Jennifer J., of Beverly Hills, CA.


    Also, gray hair tends to look dull and is more prone to become dry and brittle. Use a hydrating shampoo to add luster to your hair and try using a straight iron to reduce frizz and improve shine.

    Shielding the gray

    Lastly, try following a few preventative measures. Sun exposure can trigger your gray or white hair to yellow. And the gels and oils formulated to treat this could not be much better-use them with caution or else your hair may end up somewhat blue.


    Oprah Magazine
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