No More Tears (possiblely triggering?)

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by A.SoNiC.boY, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. A.SoNiC.boY

    A.SoNiC.boY Well-Known Member

    bad night last night. wrote this...

    No More Tears

    Watch me.
    Watch me.
    Watch me while I die...
    But just on the inside. At least for now.

    Tonight i thought of someone I knew..
    Knew because she's long gone. Way out into the the clouds.
    Why her. Not me. What have i done to be allowed to survive.
    I'm alive with all the mistakes i make, and lives i drag down.

    Is this universal logic sound?

    She wanted to keep living, to serve a purpose.
    And then there's she. She who i abandoned that one time.
    The one night she died. She took it all. Just like she said.
    Just like that.. By her own hand she was dead.
    My fault? No, but i still cant shake that guilt.
    If my soul were but a lily, how it would shrivel and wilt.

    And now i know. I know why even those things couldn't make me cry.
    Its like the guy who's stomach wont hold enough liquor to get him drunk.
    A girl whose arm can't hold enough junk to get her off.
    For most of my years I've been mated faithfully to misery.

    And so now..
    There are no more tears.
  2. lightbeam

    lightbeam Antiquities Friend

    Powerful Ben... are these going to end up as lyrics?
  3. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member

    Wow, Mind this is such a powerful and pointed work. I can just feel those feeling with you.
    I'm so glad that I got to read some of your work and that you would be vulnerable and let us share it with you.
    It does take courage to put those feelings to paper and make them "real". You have a fine way with words.
    Thank you.

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