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no more.

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I feel the same way quite often. Then a friend comes along and reminds me of a few things that are going right. When we are mired so deep in our depression, we quit looking for the good and can only see the bad. Step back and take the time to find something that is right. It may be as small as clear drinking water from your faucet, or soap to bathe with. Maybe list all the things you can be thankful for. Soon the list will be so long you will wonder why you though nothing would change. I hope you feel better soon. i know how hard feeling this way can be. take care. :hug:


i have deep rooted feelings of nobody caring. of loss and of loneliness and that my future is hopeless as i feel broken, damaged and beyond repair.

that i will be like this for the rest of my life. and that this suffering will go on forever.

thank you for your replies and care. concentrating on little things can ease things a little but in this state of mind it doesn't do much.
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