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  1. KittyGirl

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    no more roof over our heads.
    My mom's boyfriend broke up with her today because he's a whiny asshole.
    He complains about everything- is as passive-agressive as they come in *any* conversation or decision making task, and he's a workaholic who cares about nothing but money. I pay my portion of the rent, but you think I'm a piece of shit because I don't go to work every day like you. You treat my brother like he's a moron-- but he has a heart a MILLION times the size of yours and he's still just a kid.
    You ignore my mom and treat her like she's nothing but a fucking maid-- then dress her up and act all happy and perfect; using her as a trophy 'wife' to keep your image clean and classy.

    This house is his; although he AND my mom bought it together.
    He is not the type of guy to fulfill any of his promises... like the promise he made to mom when they first moved in together; that if they were to break up- he would make sure she got a return on her investment into this house and her car (which is STILL under his name even though she pays for it)
    So; without any money or any place to go, we're out on the street very soon.

    My brother will be staying at the campground that he works at- in a tent; for the rest of the summer, and mom and I will be staying at the women's shelter in the next town over until we can arrange for housing.

    I've wanted to just get it over with and **** myself; but I do worry about my mom. Even though I'm a miserable person who is unemployed and cries all the time, she's going to need me. for now anyways.
    This is going to drive me crazy...
    I thought our days of living at women's shelters and being homeless and moving from place to place constantly were over- but apparently not.

    Fuck you, Ray. You lying fucking piece of shit sociopath.
    I hope you get in an accident in your rig and die.
    At least then, your daughters will get some comfort out of your insurance money--- since they never get any comfort out of YOU.

    I've never wished death upon anyone other than me before... but you are a special case, sir.
    You hurt my mother AND my brother, after everything we've already been through- promising that we wouldn't have to go through it anymore- and you are a horrible person.
    Go choke on a dick.
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    That is a terrible situation to be in and I'm sorry to hear about it. If Canada has laws similar to the U.S., you should be awarded a bit of time to arrange housing before he can legally force you and your family to leave the property.
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    Wow. This all sounds very unfair. Your mother should see about what she can do to get some of her money back, especially for that car. Like Sonoran said, if the laws are similar to U.S. he can not just throw you out immediately. Anyway, I wonder if there is any hope that they will reconcile or would your mother even consider taking him back after all this drama? Hopefully, the situation will resolve itself somehow for the better. Keep your head up. It is amazing how grown men can act like children >.<
    By the way, I feel you on the unemployed thing!!! I also feel so pathetic and my family sometimes makes me feel worse. Sometimes, I even feel like continuing my education is pointless. It seems like I am just going to learn without any promises of future financial stability. Sometimes, I wish I would have gone into nursing or something that would have been more immediate versus getting my b.a. in a crap major like poli sci and then hoping to continue with more schooling, which will take forever without any promises.
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    :hug: ..... :( I am sorry your in this situation. At least your brother has a safe place to be. I hope things start to look up. :( sorry I cannot do much more than hope.