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no more

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ure not supposed to talk about bad things u did here and even tho i didnt know what i did cus i was a baby it was still bad and a crime so thats why i get punished from everyone. if ure bad u go to hell anyway so im going there already so it doesnt matter how i get there. so im not staying here anymore. i dont want to be sad and afriad of sinning anymore and i want my dad to be ok so im going to write a letter to the social service people and ask them to help him after im gone. and i will tell them to tell my dad i forgive him for hurting me and i understand but it made me too sad and i missed my mum too even tho i never knew her like he did. and i will ask them to ask his forgiveness for me cus i know that killin yourself is a sin but i came here a sinner, i might as well leave as one.
Hun you didn't do anything!!! You didn't kill your mother. It's not your fault you were born it's your parents not yours.....you didn't cnceive yourself, you are perfectly innocent. You didn't sin as your were born...you were born an innocent baby, that was then put thru torturous hell because your father is too chickshit to deal with shit that he goes and tortures and innocent child!!!!!! Instead of loving his daughter and comforting her and helping her and teaching her about life he brain washed her that she was bad and she dserved unspeakable terrors........he is taking it out on you instead of loving you for being all that is left of your mother...I can understand getting upset and injureing yourself, but not a child!!!!!! children are innocent they don't know anything untill you teach them, so he exspected you to automatically know what the hell was going on in his crazy head without even teaching you...all he has done is destroy the last little bit that is left of your mother in you, he has begun to destroy you, your self-esteem, rights, privacy, freedom, sanity........he is slowly killing you and you have no sinned.......That grrr man.....is taking things out of the bible and twisting thee words until they fit whatever excuse he has for torturing his daughter his blood. YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING "HE" IS THE ONE SINNING BY DOIG ALL THIS TO YOU, THAT IS A SIN!!

I'm here if you need me. :hug:

~With love and hope for you,


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Did you read my last post to you sweetheart?
There is a better way out of all this than killing yourself.

You can get help with this situation and though I know it's scarey nothing could be worse than what's going on at the moment.

I know you feel trapped by it all, but there is help you just need to reach out and get it.

We'll support you as much as we can through all of it.

Be brave and tell someone.


hello again...
you are not bad... we all make mistakes

i do believe we all want NO MORE
no more suffering, feelings of guilt, no more hatered, no more pain... but all healing starts by letting go


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people dont understand but thats ok. sorry. no one gets that you learn stuff and think stuff from what your parents say and u will believe that even if others dont cus thats how u got brought up. lots of things r sins to me n my dad but not to other people. sometimes i wish i could do what other peopl do but i cant.
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wrong you have been there to encourage me now i would like to be here to encourage you. something that i believe is unknown about me is i grew up in church and christian schools (k-12) so i totally believe i am a totally good person to sound your beliefs to. for the sake of starting anything in forum here however maybe we could do this through pm. i am here now if u are willing. take care


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theres nothing to discuss really. im bad. theres a badness in me and its what killed my mum and my dad has tried to get it out and he cant so im leaving for the best of both of us. so he can get over his grief at my mum dying and move on. a life for a life will balance it out and create calm for him so he can get help to be ok again and i will tell him i forgive him so his conscience is clear. even though hes only done gods work he still felt bad sometimes afterwards. i will repent for my sins and do what i should have done before so i didnt hav eto put him through having to punish me

i feel more alone than ever before tonight. i dont fit in anywhere and theres no one to love me or hug me or even talk to me. if i was a good person i would have that but im not. im full of sin and evil and the devil is in me. i want to leave tonight but i havent posted my letter so i cant or what i planned wont work.
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here's the deal and whether u want to believe it or not (which i think u just might) u are truely in no way shape or form evil. i am a mother myself and one of the risks that we take when we become pregnant is the risk that something may happen to us. that is something that we have to be willing to accept. i feel that if something had happened to me (which it almost did once) it is so worth it just to know that there is still a part of me out there to carry on. i can totally see and believe that it wouldn't be easy for my children but losing my life is a sacrifice i am willing to make on behalf of my children. it is possible that it can just go with the territory of being a mother.

the fact that your father blames u his beliefs i believe are totally misplaced. what happened to your mother was how it was destined to be. this isn't because of you. it has nothing to do with u. it just so happens that this was when she was destined to go. it sounds like it just time for your father (at least) to accept that this isn't about sin. this is not a matter of black and white. this is a matter of how it was meant to be.
i couldn't agree more with pain right now. taking your own life is not how things are meant to be. it is not within the natural order of things. this is important not to be confused here. hang in there.. i care about u and want to continue to try and help as long as u need. take care, PLEASE!!!!!
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