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No Motivation/Can't do anything right

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Bigman2232, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Bigman2232

    Bigman2232 Well-Known Member

    This is more of just a need to vent, I haven't had contact with an actual person for almost a week.

    I think I'm pretty much screwed. Haven't had any classes or anything else to go to all this week (reading week). So I had planned to study for my midterms I have next week, catch up on some notes and start on projects that are due pretty soon. Well it's now been 5 days and I haven't done a thing.

    I can feel the stress coming but I still just can't make myself do it. I just don't care anymore. I hate the crap I'm taking but I'm just so deep into the work and so financially invested that just giving up and trying something else isn't an option.

    I still have thursday, friday, saturday and sunday but I'm more worried about my projects. I just have no strength to put into researching governmental policies or even the nutritional facts for one of my favourite subjects, tigers. I want to do well and I know that means putting in some hard work. But that's the last thing I want to do. I see no point.

    I still see nothing to look forward to in my future and I actually was looking at some pills at the drug store the other day. Damn they're expensive.

    Instead I bought Guitar Hero 3. I wanted it but hadn't bought it before because I have to watch my money very carefully and my mom had given me grief over the idea of getting it. So I just splurged and am hiding it from her. Well life shows me and it stopped working after 1 day. Controller won't sync and the game is missing sound for some notes.

    I just can't do anything right. I figure if I ever did try to end it, I'll fuck that up too. That way when I come to, I can get yelled at and told to smarten up. Maybe I'll get lucky and just get hit by a bus.
  2. psilocybin420

    psilocybin420 Member

    hehe guitar hero three is a great game, ihave too many anxiety issues it even begin to play it. maybe by myself i could
  3. vbuk

    vbuk Staff Alumni

    hey hun, so sorry your having such a rough time at the moment, but this can pass.

    As regards to the work, as you say giving up is not an option. if i have a lot to do one thing i do do is make lists. write down everything you need to do and cross them off as you do them. think about how you will feel when they are all out of the way. i know it must be a great stress and alot of pressure on you but you can do this work, get it out of the way. just throw yourself into it - i know you dont feel like it but it will really help you in the long run.

    Although you do have to do this work - make sure you take breaks. your game should help with this. set yourself goals and aim for them. when you reach them play on your game for 15mins or so.

    Also i would take the game back if it is faulty. exchange it.

    you can get through this hun, i have ever faith.

    Take care

    Clare x
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