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no notifications for Jim’s Cafe tags


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because we don't want you to drink all the coffee lol. sometimes I don't get notifications when i'm tagged in the café it all started when they did the big change. it isn't as bad now but still happens sometimes especially in the café. I always read the tags so I can thank peopler or tagging me, although sometimes i'm not invited and I kick down the door lol. of course you know you're always welcome and if you don't get a tag just check to see if it's open and come in. mike *hug


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There's nothing in the Cafe or the tagging system that keeps you from getting alerts from a specific place.
Alerts can get lost because there are too many people being tagged at once in the post.
All you can do it just show up to the Cafe every day and say hi. You don't need to respond to the person tagging you specifically so it's fine if you don't reply to them .. and you don't need to be "invited" there. Just roll in every day or however often you like.
I get that a lot of people are annoyed when tags are absent but the system is sometimes flawed and there's nothing we can do about it. There's no bugs to work out of it in particular - it's just flaky sometimes. Sorry friend.

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