No one believe my words....

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    EVERY time I told ppl that I was being treated cruelly by others, no one would believe me, they ALL blame it on my depression and low-self esteem, they think I'm imagining things. It even happened on a depression forum (not here), those who suffered from depression too also blame it on my depression "this is just your depression talk", they have this fantasy that all members there are good people, they truly believe in it. Even my sisters judged me like that, it seems they don't believe ppl have two sides...All of these really hurt me...make me feel even more lonely and helpless.

    Is that my fate that no one would understand me, believe me, and all of them just invalid my feelings? It feels like just because I'm "crazy", no one believe my words. Actually now I'm typing this message, I'm afraid there will be some posters replied and said the same things to me....
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    I believe that it's due to your depression, but not because of you as a person - it's other people not understanding.

    I've been there, and I went full circle with what I thought was happening. I lost a lot of friends and I hated them for leaving me. I thought they were the ones responsible, but everyone else would tell me I was the problem.

    Then I started believing it was me - how else could I explain the amount of people leaving me? It was much more likely that it was something to do with me, this one depressed person, than everyone else.

    Then my therapist made me see differently - it wasn't me at all, even though it seemed like it and my mum, brother, etc were telling me otherwise. I had depression and it was the attitudes of other people that changed towards me. They don't understand it, don't know how to deal with people suffering from it.

    I think when you have depression you have a new view on life. You see things you never did. The little things suddenly seem so big.

    It's not you. It really isn't. But it's easy to blame you because, in their eyes, you are the one that changed.
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    No, you misunderstood what I meant, it is not about understand depression or not, my point is those ppl who treated me cruelly and rude to me, this is the fact, this has NOTHING to do with depression, but when I complained about it to others, ALL of them said it was my depression talk, they were not mean to me. THIS is what bothering me, hurting me, so helpless.

    It was like your hand is bleeding, actually someone cut your hand open, you tell others, they said YOU hurt yourself since you are suicidal, they don't believe someone else cut your hand. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    Or, when a hooker got raped, she reported it to a police, and police wouldn't believe her becoz she is a hooker. I feel like I'm branded, so no one would value what I said even if it has nothing to do with depression.

    To make it simple and clear, ppl said things hurt me, rude to me, this is the fact, I'm not imagining things, when I complained, no one listen/believe me because they blame it on my depression.
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    It is a clear case of ignorance where many people these days would rather make excuses instead of facing the truth. When there are issues, we are encouraged to talk about them. Having depression isn't something that being treated rudely or cruelly can actually be blamed on. Ok so the perception may be a little different, but what is that going to do for any confidence levels when people assume they are linked? It's most likely going to make you reluctant to talk about because of the poor judgemental based decisions that others make.
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    I think people have to be taught how to treat us when they lack the internal mechanisms to be compassionate, and limits have to be set if we cannot avoid these people...when someone is cruel to you, you have the right, in fact the obligation to yourself, to state (in a gracious manner) how you will not allow that...adults will apologize...all others are to be kept on a short leash