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no one belives me

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I dont know what to do. I've never brought it up with my parents but i do really think i have depression. Every "symptom" is one i face, but how do you tell your parent you think you are depressed. and what will she do about it. will she be like other people i try to confide in? I have a feeling she will be. And when i dont have health insurance and i dont know if it would cover this anyway - theres no way i could afford seeing a doctor let alone paying for any meds if i do have it.

None of my friends believe me. the girls i used to hang out with always teased people like me so i drifted away from them. the people i'm with now say im just over reacting and just need to calm down. They say im so negative because im stressed. But really i just stress easy and i'm not really pessimistic. I love to have fun, I love to laugh and make people laugh. I just stress easy, cry over small things, feel guilty about everything i do. These symptoms i would have never thought to associate with depression are here too. being tired (when i get 8 hours of sleep), aching pain....these are all here..but i just have no way of getting things fixed.

im starting to ramble so i'll stop now.


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it is really good that you want to try to get help. unfortunately finding help can seem overwhelming. try talking to your family if you are comfortable with that. or if you have a primary care physician you can give them a call and ask their advice, at the very least they may be able to give you info about who you could be able to see considering your finances. I wish I had better advice.


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Im sorry to hear that.. If you need to talk to someone... then please add me on msn.. I'll listen and try to provide support..

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