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No one cares anymore!!

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Argh, no one cares, no one at all, WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SUCH A... a.. a.. whats the word? A physco?
This boy told me to jump of a bridge.. and he'd watch.. i wonder if he ment it.. i wonder if he REALLY DID wanna watch.. oh i know he wants me to kill myself.. he called me an attention seeker & liar.. and im nothing at all..

Im an accident...

:mad: :unsure: :blink: :sad: :dry: :cry:


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it sounds like depression.... which does not mean you are an attention seeker. Most people do not understand this, some people are just mean and want to see how far they can push someone, i do not believe you were an accident, i dont think there is such a thing when it comes to people.....

i also do not think you are physco..... it is just a really hard time in your life which people here can relate with where people out there do not understand it. i have actually had an old friend tell me he does not understand the point of anti depressents.... that i my problem was that i was actually an alcholic.... point is that a lot odf people do not understand what we are going through inless they have been there themselves and sometimes the nasty stuff even though it may hurt and i know is hard but its just better not to think of it. Most of the time when someone says something like that they are hoping to take the attention away from their own screwed up life....


hatelife.. this person DID once understand me.. now the only person i think who was the love of my life says he needs a break from me, he will NEVER love me the same way he did before again! :cry:

I see it but i dont believe it Kurt.. :hug:
Sarah, I am still here for you too. I do care about you. I am sorry your friend feels they need a break. Give them some time. Take care hun. :hug:


but he will NEVER feel that way again about me..
oh i want someone to love me like that..
ill never find anyone..
im doomed for eternity.
:hug: Kurt.

:hug: Gentle. :(


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Hey there Sarah that's not true that he may or will not love you like that again it may happen down the track,try not to put all your attention towards it even though it's difficult.
I care about you hun. You are a good person, whom bad things happend to. you did nothing, you were miss treated and I know how hard it is to beleive it's not your fault and to beleive you are a good person. I am having severe problems with that now myself. Please hang in there, and we still care hun. I know I do. Please try and take care, I know it's hard, but please know that we are here and we want to help you feel better and make it in life, which you deserve. :hug: :hug:


i cant hang on anymore Kurt, its too much.

no one loves me at all, no one cares about me, its weird, ive not hugged someone in about.. .. i dont even remember!
in this world, in this family, i am depression, i cause hatred for others, i hurt others, i make others hate / hurt me, i make others depressed, i kill others.. i killed my nan, i gave her too much stress, i killed my sisters fish, I AM DEPRESSION! :cry:

I just dont wanna be alive, and Kurt, you said you'd let me kill myself if thats what i want, and it is what i want, im sure many of you dont want me around anyway, all i cause is trouble.. :(
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