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No One Cares No One!!!!!!

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I am now totally and completely sold that no one could give a shit about listening to me. I don't even know why I am doing this, because I although I have always felt alot like people could give a shit about anything i have to say i always figured that was just me and my insecurities. well tonite i learned I WAS RIGHT in the first place. i tried to share something good and encouraging that happened to me today to people that i have looked out for for a while now. I am an op in a chat room that i found before i found sf and i liked going there. i always tried to be supportive and understanding. and i enjoyed helping people feel they had a safe place they could talk. when i went into the room everyone was talking and sharin so i jumped in and thought i would share. people were like,"really what happened?" so they appeared to want to hear so i began to share. when i was done the room was silent.(i didn't take a year to share like i am here either so dont even go there) not to big of a deal at first i was thinking it was probably just my puter acting up. so i did the test to see if it was. i asked if anyone was there. i figured no response my puter was acting up and i would deal with it, but i did get one. while i was sharing everyone left (not the room) to do something else. didn't say they would brb or nothing just left. this is what i get in the real world and now i find it's everywhere. its me and nothing i say matters at all to anyone. i don't get it and i know i never will and now i'm not sure that i even care anymore. i believe with all my heart and soul now that no one gives a shit at all. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel cursed and now totally believe there is no point of sharing anything because it wont be heard anyways. NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!!!! I'm convinced I am sold I am done talking
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