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  1. starchaser

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    i know this is going to sound so crazy but no-one i love has died and i count myself lucky for that but a part of me has a feeling that someone i loved terribly has left me and i can't pinpoint this.
    it hurts so bad.
    i've cut myself so much over this stranger and i don't know why. i've cried so much over them and i dont know who it is.
    i sound like such a nutcase.
    i've tried talking to my parents about it but they just laugh me off.
    what am i doing to cause this?
    am i the only one?
  2. Hazel

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    Hello starchaser, you are not doing anything to cause this, this has not happened because of something you have or haven't done.
    Have you ever had any therapy? Talking to someone who isn't going to laugh it off will help you, I'm sure.
    In the meantime you have the members here to support you.

    Take care Hazel
  3. Pingu

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    im going through the same thing.. :eek:hmy:
  4. starchaser

    starchaser New Member

    it sucks big time.
    no i haven't spoken to anyone.
    in all honesty im scared.
  5. PeaceBlueFire

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    Hi Starchaser! Please forgive me if I am wrong but it sounds like the person you have lost is no one other than yourself. I have continuously lost myself over the course of my life and have always struggled to find myself because of this. I have just recently lost a close friend of mine and have just began the long uphill journey of rediscovering myself all over again. Again, I am sorry if this information isn't helpful to your situation. I do however hope you find the answers you are looking for. Peace! :)
  6. fromthatshow

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    peaceblue makes a good point. it could be yourself that you lost.
    or it could be that you lost somone in spirit but not physically.
    It took me a long time to realize that I lost my Dad. He died in a big way even though he is physically still here. I read this article on greiving the loss of a loved one on, and I thought of my Father and how I had lost him.
    You have lost someone, just not in a physical way. Therapy can help.
    best of luck & lots of love

    pm me if you ever need to. ill try and help in any way :heart: