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No one knows Im crying but me...........

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I feel the sameway...I have no friends either, nobody cares. Sometimes it hurts so bad that it's this way, and no one would care. I just want to give up. At the same time I wish I could tell someone, love someone, but I just can't. My life does not matter...

I understand what you mean Bethe, here to talk if you want...


Hey Bethe, just thought I'd send a caring :hug: It's nice seeing you about although I guess the only way I would notice you gone is if you stopped posting, I know we've lost touch a bit now I don't go into chat all that much but you are more than welcome to pm me anytime you're about and have a chance to keep me up to speed about what's going on in your life. You're a good friend and I miss our chats greatly, I think you have a lot to offer the world but it just hasn't been giving you much of a chance these past couple years. Am here if you need me.
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