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No one takes me seriously

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by jazzmeister, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. jazzmeister

    jazzmeister Active Member

    Just have to get this out of my system and maybe some advice would be appreciated.

    You see, I'd like to say I'm pretty serious in most stuff and I joke around just to relieve stress.

    My group of friends have been together since high school which is more than 10 years already and back in my old job, I've stayed there for 9 months which is a bit of a long time already.

    I rarely talk due to my shy personality so I only talk when spoken to or when I really have to say something. If I'm not saying anything, I just listen and anyone can automatically read what I feel from my facial expression.

    Lately, my friends and I have been planning a project together and we've started a trial run of it. During the trial one of my friends did something that I did not completely approve but found it funny, I just let it slide. I did express my concern that I did not approve of it to all of them and would rather have been told first before they repeat it. However, another friend did it again without my approval and I fond it rather annoying since what he did was unnecessary.

    I expressed my concern again but they all kept rambling on about doing it again and again. Their reasoning is just that it is fun but it is only fun for them. Doing that is at my expense.

    In my past job, I've given some suggestions for the improvement of our processes but no one seems to have cared about it much. However, when it came a point where something becomes a problem, a thing that could have been avoided if they just did what I said would have been avoided, they blame me for not saying anything.

    Know any suggestions I could do for other people to take me more seriously?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry no one is listening to you or taking what you say seriously. Boundaries could be set and if they are broken then consequences like walking way from these people who harm you and finding new friends who do listen and who do care about what you have to say. Perhaps print off your ideas and send them to your boss and keep a record of what you have offered and the date it was presented to your boss that way if they say you did not say anything you have a copy of what was said and when