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No one understands.

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Its so easy for everyone to tell you just to pick yourself up and stop being depressed but they dont realize or no the hell that i go threw everyday. Just because everything look perfect from the outside doesn't mean it is on the inside. I have suffered from ptsd from sexual abuse and majoe depress since i was twelve yrs old when i was diagnosed. I was actually starting to deal with my depression for about three years and learn new coping skills to help. Yet i took another blow to my life. I lost my daughter on Jan.27,06 and ever since that day i have slipped into major depression that seems to rules my life. I found the light at the end of the darkness that consumed my life but this time it so hard to see the light. I just feel so empty inside and dont wont to do nothing. I feel like im slipping away from the life that i use to have with my family. For once i found happiness with being a mother to a 6yr old son and a wife. Once i lost my daughter all that went out the door. My sisters all tell me that depression is an excuse that people use to do nothing with themselves. For once i just wish they new how it feels to be sad all the time , or feels like no one cares, or even empty. I cant even eat because i have no appeteite or sleep now. Im on meds and nothing seems to help me. I often wonder why I have to go threw this everyday and not someone else. For once i wont to look forward to waking up. thanks for listening to me ramble on


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Depression is an illness. It can be treated. You can get help. I know how horrible depression is, and how it makes you feel like nothing is ever going to get better. You must realise that it's DEPRESSION making you feel that way. It's not life that you have a problem with, it's a mood disorder. Have you tried psycho therapy? Cbt? You may find them helpful. I know that you won't think it now, but things will get better. They have to.. nothing can be worse than the darkness of depression.


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i know your feeling.
so depressed, its unbearable.
i know this sounds horrible..but be optimistic.
tell yourself. im stronger than anyone on earth, im turning around and im going to be the best thing youve ever seen.
get fired up, excercise...whatever you can.
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