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    No one understands the pain
    The pain that lives in my heart everyday
    No one understands the tears
    The tears that poor from my eyes everyday

    I feel alone like that single snowflake
    Falling all by myself slowly
    With only the hard ground to catch me
    Then I melt away as if I never existed

    I struggle everyday to be happy
    I struggle everyday not to be sad
    To be alone is good I say
    But being dead is even better

    No worries, hate, sadness or pain
    No tears, anger, love, loneliness
    I’ll be in the cold ground finally
    But now I think, I’m sorry, bring me home
  2. No small comfort, but each snowflake is individual. And as it melts, it is taken up once again into the atmosphere... I just wonder if we're given another chance, or if we're simply part of a symphony of happenings that we are not the least in control of. Guess that's the eternal question. Beautiful Poem btw.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.