no one's to be trusted

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    because in the end everyone cares mostly about themsleves. even i enjoy helping people, but if i get upset with someone all hell breaks loose and i cant be trusted anymore. and if i dont feel like listening or helping because im trying to figure out my shit then i dont care what theyre telling me and then im therefore not trusted. the thing that confuses me and scares me the most is that i AM with the crowd of the world and if i ever say anything like i hate people, i also hate myself, or no ones to be trusted, i cant trust myself, or everyone is so immature, im immature, or theyre so ugly, im so ugly, it just goes on and on. and i do hate the world, and life, and have no faith in ever finding happiness or love or true friends or ever trusting myself to be a good friend 120% of the time. its all just hopeless.
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    hello hun

    welcome to the forum :hug:

    I hope you find here the support that you are looking for

    and i am here if you wanna talk
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    im glad i found this forum cause i had the worst night of my life last night and thought i was seriously going to kill myself this time i was so close
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    oh dear, please dont :(

    I am glad that you are on this forum now, i helped me and tons of others alot..
    I think you can find a lot of stories on here that you can relate too.
    Its always nice to know that you are not alone..

    :D :hug:
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    I can understand what your saying. Your an individual, you might be safe with the crowd but you just end up being a drone.

    Hope you feel better soon.