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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by tjmonkey33, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. tjmonkey33

    tjmonkey33 New Member

    Heh, its funny. Not sure why I came here or why I am posting this. I have collected a range of pills, and plan on doing an overdose. My life is a bitch, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety problems and know in my heart that it is too far gone. Noone can help me anymore. They try tho, they think that they are helping and that they understand. Boy, they cant be further from the truth. If I die, then that will be fine, I wont have to put up with this shit anymore. If I live, then that will be fine as well as I have read so many stories where people have attempted suicide, which woke people up and they have then gotten the help that they so badly need and people have then actually understood them better. Sorry, I am sort of rambling on a bit here.
  2. Shauna Lea

    Shauna Lea Staff Alumni

    Firstly - Welcome to the forum! :smile: I'm sorry that your in so much pain but you've definitely come to the right place. A lot of us came here thinking that nobody would ever understand and have found that people do - people on this forum are very accepting. I know at the moment you feel as if it's hopeless, that there is no point but you will never know what good could come unless you stick it out. Stay around here for a while and I'm sure you will find someone who is just like you and I assure you that you will find hundreds of people who will listen, give advise and accept you.

    I hope you can find the strength to hold on! :smile:
  3. Lady of Shalott

    Lady of Shalott Active Member

    This is exactly the way I am thinking now too, or hoping.
    You know, I'm sorry because I'm the worst person ever to be trying to console or convince someone else against suicide...I don't know what to say and I probably end up writing unhelpful things at best. Sorry.

    This is the first time ever that I have seen other people who have the same thoughts and feelings I have, so I want to write too, also because I'm really lonely and isolated, but I don't think what I write is useful.
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