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no point

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HEy i dont wnna be alive anymore, i dont hae the guts to kill myself but i cant keep living this existanse. mywhole life is a lie. I pretend everythings alrigt but its not. its never been alright.
Yesterday i went to a doctor on my own in sydney which is an hr and a half away. my boyfriend wouldnt come with me and when i got home i was heaps tired and ll he cared about was that he didnt get sex. he talks to me like im a piece of shit. he was home all day yesterday doing nothing and he didnt do the washig p or clean anything or even bring the bin in. when i got home he was like whns dinner do this do that get me pot FUCKING HELL.
I knowmy parents have never really loved me. theyonly love alcohol they dontcare about me.
theres no point living this STUPID LIFE ANYMORE
no one in my life cares how i feel
The point of life is geting smaller and smaller by the minute!!
Whats the point does anybody know. we just sit here on earth not knowing what our future is supposed to be. i have no job no money no life no death. i can change that i will change that goodbye


I feel for you mango, sounds like your stuck in a onesided relationship that must suck. You need to find someone you trust to reveal the real you too, its not beneficial to you to keep living the lie.

I'm afraid your going to have to be strong on this one, you will have to change the relationship with your bf or leave him this relationship is to destructive. There are millions of good men/women out there I know its a trial in its self to meet them but it has to be done, or better still give your self time on your own to discover what you want in your life.

I hope everything works out for you, please please hold on don't act on an emotion, take time think things through think positive thoughts and talk to people you trust.

Always here ready to listen should you need someone.
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