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  1. FallAndBreathe

    FallAndBreathe New Member

    ( sorry for my english, not the main lang in my country )

    I have no purpose in life,
    I have no dream, I have nothing to live for,I have no one to live for.
    Im not telling I want to kill myself,
    But in the end, I will kill myself wont I ?
    feeling like this for about half a year.
    people seek for things, like money, love, or other egoistic
    stuff, I dont want anything, why ? because in the end
    you will get what you want, and why to get it ?
    to feel better than others '-' ? to feel the illusion of "happiness" ?
    I also dont seek for world peace, now why ? because world peace
    will never be real, all the people in the world balance each other, thats
    what we do. some seek for peace, others seek for money and satisfaction
    and stuff, in the end, the grey side that could be comes up.
    In the end im feeling like, 1 person to here or there it dosent matter,
    so I just dont want anything.
    Life has no point people. =\.
    atleast thats what I think...

    will I have suicidal thoughts in the end =\ ?
  2. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    hey. I can identify with a lot of what you're saying. No point, no purpose, hopelessness. I've definitely been there.
    You will find your purpose though. It could lead to suicidal thoughts or you could end up finding a point to living :heart:
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