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no reason left

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sorry for my last post to those who read it...
well, i just don't want to live anymore, i tried to get help, but who wants to help me? nobody... when i wake up in the morning i just want to fall asleep again... just can't bear it anymore..
why is life so unfair? i just need help, just need a friend.. but i can't even get this.. noone wants to help me, noone wants to be my friend..

thanks for reading this.. i don't think anyone wants to help me, but had to write sth.. sorry for wasting your time

yea, maybe it would help me.. but, you know, my best friend hates me... and i do not even know why... everyone hates me, but nobody tells me why, if i say something wrong they just ignore me ... i wouldn't have thought that my best friend would ever hate me, but well, she does.. i was in that situation about 8 months ago.. i lost my best friend there, too.. then i found a new one, but now she also hates me... so, yea.. shit.. just don't know what to say, everyone just ignores me.. but noone answers the question about the why...
:D, well rest assured im definitly not known for my diplomacy, i have a big mouth and it gets me into a lot of trouble. im not frightened to say if somthing isnt to my liking,,, which also gets me into trouble,,,,,,,,,, you can add me to messenger if you wish,,,if you ever want to talk
yes, maybe talkin to sb would help me.. but i'm not sure.. maybe i'm just meant to sit here in my room and just live a damned life... but i can't bear it much longer, it hurts so much.. why ever me??

thanks, youre very kind :)
it helps me to see there are still people who dont ignore me.. but in reallife things are a bit different..
thank you so much for offering to help me :)

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