No reason to live

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by rojer, May 7, 2007.

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  1. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    I don't know why to live anymore.
    I can't think of anything that makes me happy
    friends,none family,useless sex,hopeless
    All I do on my subway trip to school is think of something that makes me happy to find a reason to live.
    Can't find even one yet.
    Everything in life to me is either neutral or negative either I don't care about it or I hate it.
    Living life without a purpose just living life just cause I am. Makes me sick everyday that I only live because the only thing holding me back is the fear of the pain of death.

    I feel like just smoking six joints and slitting my throat where no one can find me.
  2. Insignificant

    Insignificant Account Closed

    i am so sorry to hear you're feeling so down right now. please continue to share here. and please by all means please take care of yourself.
  3. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    I made a post very similar to yuors a while back. What keeps me alive is my mother and sisters who care aobut me I guess. i dont want to hurt them even if it means living till im 100. and to have fun and enjoy what ever i can no matter how little or insignificant it is. my life isnt oo hard tho too be honest, I dont have to work I just stay home and do whatever I want.
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