No reason to live

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    Then again does anyone really have a reason to live? all I know is I hate my life I wish i could die already, preferably accidently. I can't even explain how I feel inside I'm done hoping for a better future yet I don't have the guts to kill myself... yet anyway. I just can't stand being down 24/7 for almost a decade now I'm burnt the fuck out from life...never can really escape or be happy even when I try with various shit, I wanna move far away sometimes thinking maybe in a different country with diffrent people I'd be happy but I have no idea and I can't just up and go. nothing makes me happy long enough, nothing really interests me I got no hobbies, goals or motivation to even think about building a "happy" future because I don't see anything making me happy or worth it so why bother. Yes I've tried shrinks and anti depressants and no they don't work. It angers me that I have to be stuck here and those who really wanted to live had something going for them had to pass...
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    Okay its great your here and i hope this place helps you feel better Venting does help me alot. Time to try new psychiatrist new meds are out there try them they just might be what you need to get you out of this depression. New meds are for depression hard to control. Amblify and others talk to psychiatrist tell him time to change up you meds so feeling better okay i really hope you do this as it is time to stop feeling this way.
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    took the words right outta my mouth. no advice sorry. i've had the whole moving away idea too but whenever i think about doing so i curl up into a ball because i don't have the energy.