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    some of us, in this time of society cannot be redeemed. certain times in history have put much negativity on certain groups of individuals, that there was no return to a prosperous life. things I have done will haunt my future until I die, as far as I can tell. I don’t live as much as exist. over a decade, I have lived maybe 2 years total. I constantly wait for another opportunity at a possibility of living. I get tired of waiting. some will say ” well do something about it”. so many restrictions overseen by others makes making opportunities nearly impossible. some of just know in their hearts that unless something happens, by me or some other means, moving on from this life is the only option. I would love to share the things I have been through and done, so someone feeling like posting on this forum can maybe see that they still have a chance to have a good life. but even here in the suicidal project I may be judged. maybe that’s what i will do some day. maybe even suicidal people will judge what i have done and prove exactly what I am saying. maybe that can be the final break and I can say goodbye to this life. not today though. today I’m just existing.
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    here is always hope when we live for each day. I see that you're a good person because you care to share your story so that others will learn from it. There is hope when we want to help others make better choices. You sharing your story is commendable and a kindness that you give to others. Your kindness is your strength. Your life is great because you are the one living it, with compassion in your heart. We face pain in our society but there is joy all around. I encourage you to share your kindness with others and you will find it.