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    *I* never asked you for ANY help! I really didn't. And what you're doing to me now most certainly is not helpful...You came closer than any has before in pushing me over the edge. I know my actions are wrong, I know I need to sort myself out, but I *know.* I don't need YOU to tell me that what I'm doing is wrong! Get that through your head already! You claim to understand me, yet everything to say hints otherwise. You claim to have been in my shoes, but I doubt it. Truly. You show no empathy...You stubbornly push your own logic in my face, and I kindly ask you to STOP. Do you? No. Why? Because you were me...or so you claim.
    You managed to gain my trust, something that few people have been able to do...and abused that. Yet once again, I'm faced with disappointment. It's people like you that have caused me to be so "stand-offish."
    I only ask to be left alone if this is how you're going to act towards me. Once again, I remind you that I never asked you for your help.
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    Hun, i know it say no replys, but i wanted to giz u a :hug:.
    Hang in ther hun

    Luv, Josh x
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    whoever that was supposedly at the receiving end of the first post, I feel for you....whoa...:blink:
  4. I hope the individual stops bothering you, Syiah. ::hug: