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No rope left

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Ive noticed lately that Im quickly running out of the rope that keeps me in this life. I just turned 22 and im nearing the end of college. But there are so many problems and it seems like I dont have the time to fix them. I have a job, which is a miracle because I dont like being around/talking to people and suffer panic attacks everyday before work. But when that ends, what next. I dont have any marketable skills, I dont see my self doing anything interesting in my major. Everything has been a major waste of money and time.
Ive also been having more dreams and thoughts lately, usually with me dying. They seem like premonitions telling me that my time is finally up and I think Im ready to listen to them.


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Please please don't listen to them you have something to offer the world you are a brave person you have to be you're here so please take my paw I offer it freely talk to me talk to everyone else I will never take your choice away I will only try and show you the other one and how good it can be my sig explains who and what I am if you feel I can help please talk to me in anyway you please a message the chat room an email what ever you feel you need.

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What they are telling you is that you need help for your depression and thoughts. Call your doc okay see if you can get on some meds or therapy and see why you are so down on you. Education is never a waiste of time or money it can never be taken away from you. hope you continue to reach out okay get the help support you need to move forward now okay hugs


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I have the same issues with my education - I'm about to enter my fourth year of college, and I just feel like it's so useless sometimes. But I still don't give it up, because even though I hate myself so much, learning makes me feel like I am bettering myself and my mind, and that's one of the few things that feels really worthwhile to me.

I've got pretty bad panic attacks too, so I know how hard that can be. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope too, but if you like, we can share. :) (It can be like people who go mountain climbing, and tie themselves together so they don't fall! We're BOTH at the end of our rope, but at least we both have a rope and a friend to hold it with. That is a terrible, cheesy metaphor, but I like it. :sweat:)


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Hey man, I'm sorry things have been tough for you. Just remember that many of those moments where it seems as though hope is lost may be the product of a depressive mood or burnout. Life doesn't have to end because of that, things will get better.

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."
~Franklin D. Roosevelt
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