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    i want to tell him how i feel, but that requires having the time to figure that out. and when he leaves for china soon, that time's up. it's totally inappropriate for me to tell him now, as he's already in a world of hurt and i can't live with myself knowing i made it worse; even if he feels something, separation for 6 months isn't going to help, and if he doesn't, i know he's one of those guys that would feel really bad cause that's just how nice and good he is

    i wish we had more time

    i guess i'll have to wait
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    If you're dead set on letting him know how you feel, then you shouldn't wait.
    Realise that after those 6 months everything will be different, he might've found someone else to be with, or decide to stay in China permanently.

    If he's that great of a catch don't let him go to China without having told him your feelings, it might be your last oppurtunity.

    You've got someone you love, pull yourself together and tell him how you feel. Maybe go somewhere, with just the two of you? Some together time, to explain everything. While it might be difficult, seeing as you said he has a tough time. But understand that there might be no other chance.

    I hope my advice will be of any use to you. Good luck, I wish you the best.

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