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    author's note- Wrote this for a class project about bullying. I hope you guys like it.

    The first day of fifth grade
    some kids called him gay.
    They said he'll burn in hell because that's what the bible says.
    Branded with a 'fag' sign on his forehead.
    He was ignored and pushed away.
    "You are worth it" He exclaims.
    But the children on the playground
    fill their mouths with ammunition
    to tear his confidence away.
    From middle school to highschool
    he was put on meds that would drive his
    saddness away. He was made up of one thing
    and it was pills. They made him act right
    just for the moment but then bails.
    And in 11th grade he come out to his best friend.
    His friend told him to go back into the closet
    and stay there where he belongs.
    But the thing is there is no closet.
    Just a widening wound of lonliness.
    When a person can not trust a friend
    with the insecurities and troubles that kills him.
    Yes, he survived those days but with cuts and bruises
    on his heart nothing can truly mend those lacerations made.
    Even now, with a loving husband,
    who sees him and not the label that was made.
    those feelings that stem from that one sentence in fifth grade
    will never make him feel like he is truly worth it today.
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    you have done well!!
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