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    I'll never say I understand an individuals situation. I can't put myself into your "shoes" or tell you I know how it feels. Because I'm not you. Each person is affected differently. Similar situations are galaxies apart in differeneces.
    If I can relate closest to anyone it's to the students out there. Who are misunderstood. Who nobody stops to ask if they are ok. Poor performance & lack of energy are chalked down to lazyness. Keeping to themselves or not smiling. Assumptions are made, gossips, rumours. Labels.
    It's draining. It can make you angry, frustrated, confused, tired.
    I understand the situation. I don't understand your particular situation, but if it hurts me this much I cant imagine how badly it's hurting you.Worse, better, same, it doesnt matter, it hurts no matter how hard it hits us.
    Nobody has to tell me they understand how I feel, they just have to understand there's a reason why I'm hurting.
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    Hugs to you :hugtackles: