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Sorry gentlelady you feel defeated but just know when you get this feeling we care okay. Don't let the emotions take you away talk it out here vent reach out again and again okay. I know it is hard but you are such am important person and caring person so please don't give up Call your doc talk to someone okay get help for you Hugs.


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Sorry to respond so late.. I was out of town.. Catherine you know you can talk to me anytime!!We've been there before...You looking out for me and me looking out for you..I care deeply because you are a good friend..Please PM me and let me know what is going on..I promise I will listen..I don't promise to often but in your case I do..You are loved by so many here!!!
:s who's catherine?

what's up gentlelady :unsure: you know where i am :hugtackles: please stay safe and know there are people who care and are thinking of you xoxo


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:hug: I'm sorry you're feeling so down. You're such a lovely person, it's not fair that life is handing you hard times. I'm around if you'd like to talk/vent.


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Oh GL...*hugs really tight*
I understand all you're saying.

we're here if you wanna talk..

we love ya so hold on ok
hold on and keep reaching out for support


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Hey Gentlelady, Sorry for calling you Catherine... My mind was all over the place yesterday...My offer still stands you can PM me anytime.. I am very closed mouth about what others tell me..I will listen to you and respond when I think it is appropriate..Best wishes...
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