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NO to Depression !!!

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I refuse to sacrifice my life to depression. In what name? We sufferers are not any worse than others. Is it only because we had a troubled childhood or traumatic experiences that we have to suffer now? Why the hell are we paying the price? i REFUSE TO DO IT. When I look around and see all those happy, succesful people I see myself. Me and you can do it too. We are no different. We as well have 2 legs, 2 hands and a head. All we have to do is believe in ourselves. Forget about past. it's not important. The present and the future are what really count. What do you choose? Be happy or unhappy? 'coz there's no other way. I choose to be happy. 'cz it's much easier and more pleasent way to live. And I know we are spiritually more experinced than people who never were depressed 'coz we've seen the world in both pink and black. We have knowledge and must use this knowledge. I choose to see the world in pink colours!
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