No Trust in noone

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    ive dated this guy and fell in love with him. we broke up but stayed close friends. deep down i still have so much feelings for him.
    today my so call best friend since 6th grade a chick i use to call my little sister, i found out she goes n fucked him.i confronted him n sent her a message how i felt and what she did was unforgivable. he told me hes sorry nothing was suppose to happen and they only made out. he wouldnt of never gone thats far with her. deep down i know they fucked. i feel so hurt and betrayed. im more mad at her though cause she knew all the feelings i had for him still and knows all the stuff me n him been through but yet she still back stabbed me. i feel like this is all a nighmare i cant waoe up from. it hurts so much i dont know what to do. i know im going to kick them out my life i feel like how am i suppose to forgive and forget somethin like this
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    sorry to hear this. Hope you can handle this and become happy.
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    How do you know that they slept together? Did she tell you that? She doesn't sound like a very good friend, in any case.. as for him, I don't know. Sometimes men can be truly clueless, so maybe there's a chance he thought it was cool between you both for him to date and sleep with whoever he wanted? If he doesn't know that you still have strong feelings for him then you can't really hold it against him if he acts a little insensitive.

    Kicking him out of your life might still be a good idea though. He's obviously not that hung up on you if he's making out/sleeping with your best friend, and it's easier to move on from him if you remove him from your life.
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    he knows i have deep feelings for him but we told each other we are better off as friends and i accpeted that. hes dating some chick at the moment and also messing with "my friend". i confronted him n he told me how sorry he is it never ment to happen and what not. i want to forgive him so badly but i feel like its going to happen over n over again im just going to look foolish ... "my so caled friend" shes already dead to me for many reason besides this one

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    thanks .. it means alot
  5. The best thing you can do is walk away and stay to yourself, and respect yourself. The friend is fake and he's just doing his deal. I have a lot of ex's and have a broken heart as I'm typing this. I know how it feels. But I always say, getting over an ex is like getting off drugs. You can't only do the drugs "sometimes". You will never get past that feeling and start feeling good on your own again if you keep dabbling in the thing that's hurting you. It's the same with an ex. You need to cut the relationship and all contact off. He did something that hurt you and it's in your best interest to move on.

    You will find a good looking guy that will love you and treat you right. He will look forward to talking to you every night, and think about you all day at work. Trust me, I know this and it WILL happen. Hang in there, be patient, and respect yourself. If someone hurts you, Tell them "F*ck You!" and move on. It will empower you to rise above people that are not worthy of your friendship. Rise above them, keep rolling, and great things will happen to you :) *hugs*