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  1. kat123

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    I thought this forum would be a good outlet but I've been sitting here for 15 minutes and have just now begun to type. I can't even put my thoughts into words. I can't imagine where to go from here.
  2. TWF

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    Is it that you don't feel comfortable? There's always the private diary section.
  3. kat123

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    I just feel so overwhelmed. Life is just so unfair sometimes. I don't know if I want to keep going. I've lost my job, I'm single with no savings. No income. And the worst...I've just been told I have 2 STD's. THAT IS THE UNFAIR PART! I've only been with 2 men in 10 years and I was married to one of them for 8 years. This just CANNOT be happening to me. I have no family here and I just don't know what to do.
  4. total eclipse

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    i am sorry your struggling I hope you can get the right treatments for the STD
    Just write what comes to your mind even if it doesn't make sense just write it
    No one will judge we understand Write abt your pain you confusion your sadness anything okay take care
  5. Synesthetic Soul

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    Wow, I know how you feel. I too am homeless and alone. I have friends who are helping me a little, but they can only help so far.

    We won't judge you here, we're here to help. I, too, hope you get treated for your STDs. It's not fair that you got them and you're not even promiscuous!

    Anyhow, vent all you want, we're here to listen.
  6. :new:
    Yes, I'm new here, but I've been a member of other forums for a long time. One of them is a professional forum where we discuss all things concerning the industry that I've been a part of for the past 35 years. Another is a sports forum that's really dedicated to the athletics activities of a particular college here in the US. Funny thing about that is, I never attended that college, or any college for that matter. I'm just a fan. Still, I can't talk about the things that we're discussing here, over there.
    I can't start up a new thread there, with people that I've been so friendly with, and have given assistance to for years, telling everyone that I'm planning to end my life. It would be a real show stopper, you know what I mean?
  7. Vangelis

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    I understand that part all too well. I may have written paragraphs on this forum in a new thread, and then all of a sudden delete the entire mess because it sounds awful and that no one gives a hoot about it so I don't tell anyone anymore. I think I did it one time, and that thread fell to the bottom with no replies. And sometimes I can't write anymore because it all sound like gibberish and nonsensical.

    What I have learned in the past before that I rather not make perfect sentences but rather a list of problems using simple first grade vocabulary. Sure it makes me look like an illiterate retard, but it does help me and others get a broad idea of what I'm going through.