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i know my life is absolutely over... yet i carnt take that last step and do it... i have more to think about than i have done before now... and that takes its toll on me... but i want to give up so badly... i want to say f**** it and lose the plot and the will to live... but there is some sanity still left which is saying that u have * to think about now and u carnt do it. (* is a long story)

why is it that when u want something so badly... you still carnt have it... :(



IMHO, the reason that you can't go through with it is because we all have a natural fear of death. That isn't neccesarily a bad thing, either. If it prevents you from making a hasty, impulsive decision about your mortality, then it has served you well.

I support the right of all humans to end their own existence but I believe
it must only happen after much thoughtful consideration; if the fear of death causes you to stop and think, look at it as an opportunity to look more deeply at your reasons. I have no doubt that you have legitimate reasons for wanting to exit this life. I would simply encourage you to slow down the whole process and not be too hasty.

Anyway, what's the hurry ? Take some comfort in the knowledge that your "final" solution is still there if you need it. That door is still open. You are not trapped here in this life.

Stay on this forum and share your situation with us ( if you feel comfortable enough). Many of us are only inches away from doing the same thing, so you are among friends here. Take advantage of our sympathetic ear.
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