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    Now I half heartily put my whole life into the fact that I'll always be a maid. I mean someone who will always take care of others, someone who will always be respectful, someone whom no matter what, will never say no to anyone.
    I've never said no a thing a person asked, except recently, my stupid overwhelming self-conscious brat of a self said no.
    Oh yes, I said no, and why? Because I didn't want to break my back trying to life a two or three hundred pound forty six or seven year old. I didn't want to do that so I got into a one sided argument over how much over a brat I am for never doing what they ask. Oh I'm so much of a brat that I said no one more time, because I did not feel well enough to go outside and go to a pool with them, them the ones who are married and should spend quality time with each other, instead of wanting to bring me with them.
    Excuse eh moi, je ne sais pas mon problem... Screw it, the word no shall and forever be out of my vocabulary when it comes to them... Whatever... I never said it much anyways