Nobody cares about anyone any more!

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    Except on here, it seems, and even then, I'm not sure it's ALWAYS the case. I haven't been doing well lately, and today I found out that since the bus company merged with FirstBus, we're having problems. We waited 20 minutes for a bus that's supposed to come every ten, the driver (one of the new ones) told a couple with a buggy and a pram that they couldn't come on thebus because there wasn't space - which there totally was, and even if they have a policy of only having two prams/buggies at a time (there was already one on) then he should have suggested they fold up the buggy and just hold the kid, not just stopped them coming on altogether, which REALLY pissed me off, and worst of all, we were charged 95p for a 5-10 minute journey which, as recently as Sunday, was only 80p, and to make it worse, on the site it says the fare for that journey is 80p. WHAT GIVES?

    Bloody national companies just don't give a shit about the people. Never mind that this particular bus service operates in some of the most underprivileged parts of Scotland. Never mind that some people just can't afford to pay 30p extra per day, five days a week or whatever. Never mind that not only is there plenty of space on the buses for buggies and stuff, and that couple might have been in a hurry (although it would be useless if they were anyway, because the bus is supposed to run every 10 mins, not 20, as I said)...I'm just so mad.

    And I thought about printing out the webpage and taping it to the bus stops around here so that people wouldn't pay any more than the 80p, but one or two people said that sounds crazy, and people have been laughing at me. My dad. My friend Sarah said "Are you SERI0USLY gettin this upset about 15p???" and then "Do you really care though if your honest??? Cos i really couldnt care less."

    Does anyone here think that all this is coming about because I don't want to pay 15p more than the old fares?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I swear to God. It's about people who can't afford it, being scammed (yes, SCAMMED) out of their money! It's about national corporations who don't give a damn about their customers! We can't even use another bus service because they don't HAVE another bloody bus service that operates here. Seriously, Firstbus is IT. This merger has been a shambles. The drivers are mad - the old ones either left or if they stayed to work for First they're getting £1 less per hour than the rest of the First drivers. What the hell?! Those drivers are BLOODY nice guys, I should know, I've been taking four buses a day, every day that I've been at uni, the local buses twice and the Glasgow shuttle in and back out, and I'll tell you, the drivers have never been anything less than polite, helpful, and very nice. And my first time on the "new, improved" Firstbus service, the driver stops a couple getting on. Seriously, WHAT THE HELL. I think he must not be from round here. The drivers from round here know most of their customers - certainly they always say hi or call you 'pal' or 'doll' - and as a result they actually CARE. I don't think it ever crossed their minds that because they provided the only service that operates in our town, they could act however they liked. Quite possibly because some of the older residents knew their parents and might have said "Your mother will be turning over in her grave!" if they acted in any way "bad" - and I'm sure some of the women round here would indeed say that :tongue:

    I don't know. It's been a lousy day, and this, and no one seems to care about it. Why don't people care about other people? I'm so desperate to try and change things, to "make the world a better place". I know I can't really do anything. It hurts so much to see all the wrongs and know that people are suffering so much, and just not be able to do anything about it. So the minute I think I could maybe do something, I really want to. But then people laugh or say "nah" or "that's crazy" or "who cares?" and then I remember that our society is full of bullshit and apathy and that probably means nothing will ever change. Nobody cares.
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    Nobody cares for me, I know that much.

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    :hug: :hug: :hug: 's for you both
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    The world can often seem a cold cruel place.I hope it helped you to write this out and get it off your chest.Here if you ever need me - anytime and i really mean it.Hugs.
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    :hug: 's

    i know how ya feel...
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    okay, here is reason number one why: you can't care for everything.

    for a start, I obviously care cuz I took the time (time I actually dont have) to read your whole post. that's saying something coming from me. and yeah, I think it's bad for some people to pay more, but the nice busdrivers you talk about have to be paid too.

    I'm not gonna discuss it any further though, I think I made my point yesterday. and my post here was actually just to show that even though it sometimes looks somebody doest care, he or she still might.
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    Hey babes. I understand this one, us londoners are ripped off too in the bus fare stakes.
    It's gone up from;

    Adults - ------ Children
    (-2003) 70p -- ---- ----- 40P
    (2004-2005) £1 -------- --- 40P
    (2005-2006) £1.50 -- ---- Free Travel for under 16's
    (2007-) £2. --- ------- Free Travel for under 16's with Oyster

    This really gets my goat. Luckily with the occasional bus driver my step mum knows I get on for free on the buses and sometimes with completely strange bus drivers (Oh the joys of looking young), but on the times I have to pay it's like we're paying for all these little under 16's hooligans to destroy our buses with their shit music played out loud, chewing gum, fights, and general destruction.
    They're now stepping up on that now though, making sure that every child that is over 11 till age 16 has an oyster card otherwise they have to pay. It's basically a tracking system to track everyones movement!

    Anyway, that's my tuppence worth.

    Mel x
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    That wasn't the point Mick, that 'some people have to pay more'. It was that people were being charged more than they were supposed to be. I've been on the bus three times since then and it's been 80p. So why 95p that time?

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. I should have known it would all come to nothing. Always does.
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    Quote: Spikey: It's basically a tracking system to track everyones movement!

    ^I do believe that is part of the agenda^
    I say 'Hurrah' for bicycles. Which reminds me of a little song by Queen:
    "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike.... I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I liiiiike"