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Nobody cares for me.

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I wish I was dead. I wish somebody could just press a pillow very hard against my face so that i stop breathing.
I wish I would just stop breathing tonight.
Or that my heart would stop beating.

Nobody fucking cares for me...let alone like me or love me.

My family is a piece of shit that tries to make me feel worse and worse and doesn't listen to my problems and always blame me.

My friends don't care for me.

Most people dislike me.

Nobody values me.

I don't know what it feels like to be valued or loved.

I never experienced it. I think there is nothing good about me.

I am just crying right now and i know i am not able to kill myself right now...because i dunno how..i can only pray for a heart attack.

Maybe someone can PM where to get pills that kill you if you OD.

It would be appreciated.

I am making everything worse. It would be better for everyone i know if i'd only die.
Because I'm a burden.

If I died nobody would care anyway because nobody cherishes me.


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We've only spoken briefly, but you seem really nice to me. I find it hard to believe people dont care about you, im sure your family cares about you.

Im sure you will find love, and experience how incredible it can really be, I think your extremely attractive, Im surprised guys arent showing an interest in getting to know you better.

You will find friends here, and people that really do care.

Please hang in there, I know its hard, but I also know your future is a bright one.
We've spoken in chat, only once in a private chat. From that chat i have grown to care about. Please hold on and please stay safe. People here care.



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hey gal. im going through that now and i wish i could die rigt now i mean havin ga mom that bullies you and puts u down isnt really great.

but i care for you. even though i dont know you. i love u still

do you have hotmail/ msn?
Hey hun, I'm not going to give you advices and dont look things up. I'm sorry you dont feel loved or valued and I dont know your situation. But I'm sure you will feel that one day. I already think you're a great person and believe me, I'm not that fast keen on people. I'mso sorry you're going through this, you deserve love etc, please hold on :hug:
Thanks for being all so nice to me people.

I appreciate it.

Yesterday I was so down i wanted to die.

Didn't have a heart-attack though.

However....my desire die isn't so big today.

Sometimes i am very depressed and then i have to let it all out.
Especially bcz a friend hurt me yesterday.

However, thanks for being so nice and patient with me.



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