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  1. sha sha

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    i just wanna soon as possible..i cant suffer this life anymore..
    i have been sexually abused since i was in kindergarten, im still suffering it from time to time. and there is nobody really cares and offer me help...i live in a scary dark hell everyday...and i cant do anything with it..people just give me few commiserative tears..then they went back to their life..i can only hurt myself to reduce the pain in my mind. almost 22 years..its enough to me.
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    There are many people here at SF that have been through similar abuse as children that you are speaking of. We may not have all the answers to questions you have, but we do understand and have fought through the tough times and are still fighting the battle now. Let us try to do whatever we can to help you choose life over death. When you speak to people that understand, you sometimes feel better because you know you are not alone. Please hang in there. Give us a chance. :hug:
  3. Any form of abuse, is bad. Abuse which causes life-long suffering, is even worse. Feels like you can't escape from it and everything just seems to get worse.