nobody fking cares anymore

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  1. mortdesinos

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    They gave me shitty Chinese food, come on, what the fuck. They should have just told me to cook myself, I wouldn't have had a problem with that. I'm pretty sure they honestly didn't give a flipping fuck, because I don't care how many customers they had, they could have made better food.. it does last. This is fucking bullshit, nobody calls me just to call me. Nobody. Nobody at all. Aren't I a decent person? I take all the flack from my father, the constant jabbing and shouting when I'm with him, I understand that's his illness, I don't take it to heart. But I listen to people, I try. I don't fucking need people to fuck up my food when I'm already pissed. Fucking hell.
  2. alle_vite

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    wow mort i think you got alot of hurt built up inside you there, If there was a problem with your chinease order then ring them up and complain it would make you feel a littl better getting it off your chest! As for your dad, maybe try and distance yourself from him a little, lik eyou say it is his illness that makes him talk to you the way he does however it doesnt stop it from hurting.

    Stay Safe
  3. Mightbehere

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    Go to a different fast food restaurant then, there are plenty around. Mc Donalds is always a winner with me.
  4. LetItGo

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    Chinese > McDonalds surely. McDonalds makes me feel like shit whenever I eat it. I don't know what on earth they lace their ingredients with, but whatever it is goes straight through me....nice mental picture hey ;)
  5. wheresmysheep

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    chinese is always good :unsure:
    they could have changed their chef or recipe, order from a different place next time :blink: