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    I've felt so depressed and unmotivated for weeks now. There are some tiny and big things that I whole heartedly feel would make me feel so much better about myself, but it seems like someone or something is always trying to get in my way.

    I feel visiting family would help but there's always some appt. booked or some stupid 5 minute thing that always interupts any time I could be spending with my family.

    I want to change colleges because I'm absolutely miserable at my college right now. There's nothing to do there, everyone's so anti social, and my GPA has suffered. I feel going to a college in the city could make me feel so much better, there's things to do there, I'm close to family, and the school education I feel is easier so I could salvage my GPA before nursing school.

    I know there are things that I need to do like get a job and learn housework and stuff, but when I feel this down about myself, I don't feel like doing a damn thing. I feel so unmotivated.

    But no one's listening, parents are trying to talk me out of all of this and doing that just makes me feel worse about myself, like I'm an idiot for thinking this could all make me feel better. Now I feel like self harm would get the point across more clearly then my weak reasons...
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    Feeling unmotivated is something I understand.

    But you can't let little or even big things keep you from being happy.

    In life, people make decisions for themselves that their family and friends may not agree with, but it's YOUR life and you need to live it, not them.

    I've made changes to myself that some people might not entirely agree with, but that's because they're used to me being a certain way and I prefer being as I am now.
    If you want to transfer/change colleges, do it. Do it and after-wards try to explain to your family that you know the atmosphere and educational process of that college is better for you.
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    I would love to do that Prof. but my parents are the one paying the bills for my college and if I transfer, I'll be going from a commuting student to dorming student (which is probably $1,000 more than what we're currently paying).

    I don't mean for this to sound snarky at all, but do you really think I should just apply like that, or do you think there's another way to go about it?
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    get a partime job to pay for the difference in payments if you really want to transfer and would be happier and if you got better marks parents would be more pleased as well.