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    English is not my mother language, so that there are surely many mistakes or grammatical faults... Anyway, I would not say that these three following scribbles are poems although the appearance looks probably like that.
    These is a kind of catch of my feelings, my thoughts, etc.

    The beast's villiain

    All the years created a personality cruel and odious,
    Never recognized the scream as melodious,
    As an inner way to say there’s something wrong,
    Nevertheless being the little girl called strong.

    Blurred is the mind by playing a different role,
    Although it’s the only way to keep control.
    Not being honest with the own real traits
    Keeps closed the world’s invisible gates.

    Glorious and bright shining life would be expected
    And the soul shouldn’t be anymore neglected.
    The greatest gift would be the honest mindfulness,
    Launching step by step the inner progress.

    Feeling human and animated to conquer all badly,
    Would allow showing the little girl happy and crying sadly.
    Freedom in creating your character without any suppression
    Will lead you into a world full of coloured impression.

    Still hanging in the fog of feeling nothing than pain
    Makes the little girl to the beast’s villain.
    The victim wounded and scarred is perfectly hidden,
    A rescue would make everybody angst-ridden.

    Lost seems this injured and synchronous malicious creature
    Not even a brave rescuer blessed with a heroic feature
    Could stop the current personality degeneration,
    So it seems the little girl will pass living real imagination.

    Inner Life

    Blurred thoughts hesitate
    to be spoken out to people
    in a mindless world
    who would never understand
    the fraught of significance

    And their lack of understanding
    will push her out of the living world
    and she will be filled with hatred
    to accept the circumstances
    in her lonley mind

    But she will never recognize
    that the loneliness kills her slowly
    her soul will be massacred
    and eated by black evil things
    Everything in her and about her
    will be bloody mangled
    and eaten by little beasts
    who suck her inner life

    At the end of the rainbow

    Black and white
    without any colour
    glooms the rainbow
    over her head

    The dream of gold
    of a green little man
    is far far away

    Black and white
    without any colour
    is the rainbow
    in her mind

    The life in black
    conquered by a beast
    waits for her
    at the end of the

    in black and white her mind.
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    Amazing poems,I preferred the first one :)
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