~Noise, Noise, Noise!~

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What is it with people and noise?

It's like everything people do that isn't devious has to be done as loudly as possible!!

I live in an apartment complex, a very nicely built one, at least nicer than some I've been in and sometimes it's not enough!

People in my honest opinion are getting worse when it comes to common sense and human decency.

The floor creaks in my apartment and every time it does I jump back because I don't want to disturb the neighbors beneath me and I even lay down more carpet so hopefully it'll muffle the creak so that it's not heard at all.

I keep my television and stereo away from adjoining walls and I never EVER turn the bass on.

I lived in an apartment where the people below me had their bass on 24/7 almost, I would even go for walks and bike rides at two in the morning to get a little peace and quiet.

In that same apartment I'd have people living next door who would fuck as fiercely as they fought and vice versa.

Thank goodness I don't have that now otherwise I'd just go totally insane.

Seriously, sex is not a spectator sport except in pornography, you don't play bass music at max volume in an apartment complex and in general you STFU.

And before anyone asks why I didn't call the police in my last apartment I did, did it help? Absolutely not, they'd be quiet for a couple of hours then go right back to it.

Now I have a courtyard that's considered a 'common area' so even when it's ten below and three in the morning people are out there screaming their heads off like a bunch of fucking morons.

I know I'm probably forgetting a lot in my rant but I'm burned out.

Thank you for your reading.



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I know how you feel when it comes to noise. I can't stand any kind of noise at all, and I get easily distracted. *hug* I'm not really sure what you can do to escape it except put on earphones. It may work for you. :)


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you could also be suffering hypervigilance. i have this and all senses are really heightened. sight, sound, smells, taste, being jumpy..its so annoying..and you dont realise it at the time, but i discussed with therapist and its a form of anxiety. when you are calm, are the noises so troublesome, keep a diary. i agree that peeps can be selfish, but sometimes i get stressed just with a friend eating a bag of hoola hoops, the smell and the sound of chewing drives me mad, have had to ask him to go outside to eat them, yet other days i dont notice.

but i feel sorry for you to live with that noise daily, keep a diary to recognise how bad it is. :hugs: and earmuffs on their way ;)


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A lot of my rant is past tense but usually when I hear people talking loudly, or bass or idiots screaming out in the courtyard and the front parking lot I remember a lot of how much I hate noise.

~Hugs Dawn and Icequeen back~

Though Icequeen you might be onto something there with the hypervigilence and I admit to being paranoid sometimes.

I'm estranged from my father, he's very manipulative and not very good at it and I had to sever ties with him but I am anxious that one day he'll be at my apartment door.

Though I'm also a person who likes/needs solitude and peace and quiet.

So perhaps a mixture of both?

I keep a personal journal that I try to write in daily so I don't lack for places I can rant. ;)

Thank you for your sympathies/input!



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There are practical measures you can take.

In my area of the UK we have council workers who can monitor noise levels - you can also do this yourself if you have a landlord or housing management which will deal with problems like this.

I lived in a few apartments and had to warn neighbours about noise late at night. Most listen to a polite explanation and this dealt with several people who were listening to TV late at night too loudly.

You ought to buy some ear-noise excluders - fairly cheap if you look online.

Also, you can get things like curtains which help with noise (blackout curtains - not expensive).

I know someone who used a lot of newspaper and plastic wrap then laid a carpet on top of that.

If you own or are buying the apartment - there's a lot more you can do to make it peaceful - mainly you want one room at least quiet but if you own it then its easy to do the whole apartment.

Headphones are a good idea also.

Someone I know was plagued by noise from a neighbour upstairs - he was one of those drunks who stumble in and crank up the stereo - not caring that its Tuesday night and people are trying to sleep.

Anyhow, after years of this the person moved out - but on the night he moved, he and another man, quietly drilled the door - pilot drill holes, for four inch steel security screws - these screws have a screwhole that snaps off when they are screwed in - so nobody can unscrew them, not the average person anyhow.

They done that task - used over 20 screws, and left it alone as the drunk played his music and eventually went to bed.

The next day, was hilarious with the loud drunk trapped, council workers stuck - even firemen turning up and cops.

Taught him a lesson!

Good luck with your noise issues.

Mr Stewart

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You have my sympathies about the apartment noise. People aren't designed for living in such tightly packed quarters. It's bad news. Bad news all around. No matter what you do or the lengths you go to minimize the incoming noise pollution from your neighbour's directions, it never really goes away. Or maybe it does, and maybe your good neighbours move out and a fresh set of high volume vermin of the genus inconsiderus move in to replace them. Frustrating. Maddening.

Seconded on the ear plug recommendation. They can be uncomfortable but they'll do the job in times of emergency.


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I hear you about noise...and I sympathise with you..

I live a block of 3 flats and door banging is the worst offender..
do people not know that doors have handles that you can turn to shut a door..

the house next door has yapping dogs and they bang doors, letter box and gates all to annoy...
there's a guy who has ute with the reverse beeper and I swear he loves to play with it all the time he's home..
I could go on and on..but I agree that I have that hypervigilance thing when I'm really stressed out and that's most of the time..

I really know where you're coming from...
hope you get some peace soon
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