Non-medical ways of Quitting

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    There are a number of medical and non-medical methods of Quitting cigarettes . One may rely on medication or opt to choose the natural methods. It is seen that one needs to change his way of thinking and behavior to quit smoking. The non-medical methods can be applied alone or in combination with medical treatment.

    Talking to someone is a good way of venting out frustration. Counseling with an individual or a group through any means is an extra motivation to quit smoking. Guidance from experts offers lot of emotional support to fight craving and withdrawal symptoms. Studies show that counseling is one of the best non-medical supports to quit smoking. Counseling can be delivered through different ways like phone or in person.

    Quit lines are phone lines staffed with smoking cessation counselors who offer support while quitting. This is a free service and is accessible to all people especially those who cannot go in person for counseling. They cover health issues, strategies to deal with withdrawal symptoms and help to set a quit date. In a one-to-one counseling the person gets to sit face to face with a psychotherapist, social worker or counselor who helps them to identify the trigger that leads them to smoke. They help to identify the high risk situations, deal with cravings and develop a plan of action. Support groups are groups which offer guidance similar to individual counseling except that the smoker gets to interact with many other people trying to quit.

    Experts say that it is very important to set a plan to quit smoking because tobacco becomes ingrained into every aspect of the smoker’s life. It is the smoker who needs to change his life and routine accordingly and abstain from smoking.
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    I'm glad that you are putting the information out there.
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