Noone understands me in real life

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    Noone does. Not my parents, not my friends, not even my psychiatrist. Sure I don't talk to them about all my problems but that's because I know they wouldn't understand. I never really talk to my psychiatrist, he just takes tests and tells me what meds I should take or no longer should take. I think I really need a psychologist again, just to talk to alone because I have a very strange way of thinking. I really do. I do not benefit from being put into groups as they all think so very differently from me :(
    My doc arranged for me to go to a day clinic to pick up my life again but I first need to get motivated. I don't want to go making drawings and then talking about those drawings. I want answers! Why would I want to live this life when life is so unfair for everyone, so many people fake and think incorrectly, hell we don't even know what's incorrect. We are born into this world with nothing to do, and no cause, no goal, nothing. Help :(
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    Do your friends or family have even a suspicion about how you feel? I think that they will be supportive of you if you told them your thoughts, especially your psychiatrist as it is his/her job to understand you.

    If you really don't want to take the proverbial leap and tell someone close to you, have you tried writing regularly?
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    For psychologists of all people it is usually difficult to understand others because there is often something preventing you from discussing your problems openly with them so they have to fall back on testing methods to try and come up with solutions. I have to ask, do you understand yourself in real life? Part of knowing yourself is knowing your ambitions, your desires and goals in life and working positively to acheive these things - and with the help of psychologists these are things you can acheive. Unfortunately only people who have counselling background can really help you completely (usually) because family members sometimes do not understand where your coming from and become frustrated (which isnt a reason to hate them, rather a reason to love them for caring about you). Despite coming on here for other reasons i'm studying psychology and so if you would like to discuss anything about why psychologists do certain things or help then feel free to pm :smile:

    The first step is always the hardest. But without the first step man wouldn't have walked on the moon. So lets find your moon and walk on it :cool:
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    They know that I'm depressed however I always keep them in the dark about how I feel etc, I just say I feel good. I don't want to argue with them.

    No, I don't. It's hard, what I believe one day I may just think of as ridiculous the other day. I have no goals in life I think, no motivation at all. Though I have the desire to fix me.
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    that desire is a goal and motivation if you can harness the strength required to deal with it! :smile:

    It is very hard to understand someone who doesn't understand themselves, believe me.
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    do u talk to yourself sometimes?if u do and think hard u can help urself easier than a psychologist can do... *hug just dont lose ur way and i m sure u will get what u really want