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I honestly feel like no one cares. of course everyone says they do but they never show it. im always left out people ditch me. something has to be wrong with me. im told all the time im beautiful and funny and have a great personality, my "boyfriend" says he doesnt even deserve me so hes considered breaking up with me. im never happy. i dont think i know what true happiness is. i cant trust anyone if i told all this to anyone itd be all over my school. i havent had a best friend or even a true friend in years i cant talk to anyone I HAVE NO ONE.


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I'm glad you are able to access this forum, which to me is an anonymous platform to open up to. Welcome to the forums, and I hope you find people here who you think care. All the best, swimmer13.


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If your told all the time - by various people - that your funny - beautiful and have a great personality - then - its true!!!

Your wise not to tell people in the school - you know how it is - your nice looking - other girls will use that against you.

So see the school counsellor - because this might just be your boyfriend playing on your mind - and if he is the first - well - emotions would be kind of all over the place a little at your age - pressure of school - becoming a woman - all the stuff of growing up.

As for depression - EVERY young person will feel it at sometime - but mostly its just a short-lived thing.

Your young - and you have spoken out now - not late in life! So its easy to actually get through things as your life seems 'ok' apart from feeling down.

you have a family surely?

As for friends - when we feel depressed - sometimes we struggle to see them as friends. In school you are forced to get along with people - its not a choice - I mean if you could pick 30 friends - would it be your entire class? Likely not.

When we leave school and become adults we choose friends. sure we have to get along with people in work but we don't ask people we don't like back to dinner and other stuff - the pub - whatever.

Your boyfriend - saying he does not deserve you can be nice - as for him leaving - talk to him about that - we don't know him and even if we did - its between you and him.

We can advise there - what to say or IF he is actually worth it.

My concern is you - not lover boy - so tell me - do you think you have depression ?

If you do - its not that bad a thing - I mean - LOTS of young people your age are on this forum also - each coming here and feeling really down - I mean - as bad as you can feel I guess.

But most do ok - in fact some do great!

the main thing is to tell someone - and your wise not to announce it at school!

You told us - and we accept you - we care about what you are going through and can offer good sound advice.

So stick around - vent a little and have other girls agree boyfriends are - sometime a pain!

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