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  1. pisces-music-girl

    pisces-music-girl Well-Known Member

    My support is gone. I finally told guidance counsulers at school that Kyle was suicidal... cuz he was today. And now I'm shaking because he's gonna hate me. He's my reason to live and now he's never gonna speak to me again.

    Oh my god. I'm at school right now... I'm freaking out...

    And I'm gonna get help too as long as I can tell my parents I need it. HA. As if. I'm gonna chicken out just like always...

    Someone help, I can't calm down.
  2. TwentyTwelve

    TwentyTwelve Member

    You did the right thing. At least you told someone. So if something happens, you know you tried. It's a lot harder knowing you never even tried, trust me.
  3. ftheunion

    ftheunion Member

    You did the right thing. You love him (true love, whatever form or type, is being truly other-centered) so you chose to do something that would help him, even though now you might lose him as a friend. But at least he might live now.

    Tough business. Good job.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.