Normal to want to kill yourself just so people will care?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by Unregistered2105932095, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Each day is suffering and maybe it wouldn't be so bad if anyone, even one person, actually genuinely cared and listened but they don't. I keep wondering if I killed myself maybe then someone would finally care.

    I told my dad I was feeling suicidal and he laughed in my face, it's like he wants me dead.
  2. ASkylitDrive

    ASkylitDrive Well-Known Member

    Some people just feel like no one can understand...unless you shove it in their face. I can understand you feel like the only way someone will care is if you are gone.
    but the care would also cause grieving..just be careful.
  3. Thinice

    Thinice Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean but sometimes it still isn't enough. I have maybe 3 people in this world who genuinely care about me and I drove one of them away. Sometimes it can help, but other times you just want to die so people might actually give a shit, I know how you feel.
  4. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    Understandable, but not normal by any means.
  5. TerrapinStation

    TerrapinStation Well-Known Member

    Honestly if someone was being so much of a bitch/bastard to me that i would want to kill myself to make them hurt, I would just skip the suicide and hurt them. I have a vengeful streak a mile wide and you do not want to fuck with me or those i love, uless you fancy things like waking up duct taped to a tree along the interstate on an inhuman dose of LSD.
    Not saying i'd ever, um, do, such a thing, and NOR SHOULD YOU, but as they say:poo:
  6. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    Don't know what you got until you lose it.
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