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For the past week I have found myself feeling very nostalgic for the country I grew up in. it’s like I wish to return to the past and relive parts of it. I do admit there were some nice parts; most Halloweens were good since it has always been my favorite time of year and there have been other good things as well. But by in large this desire to return makes no freaking sense. I hated that place. I hated the town I lived in and most of the people I know. There are still a few times throughout the year that I feel like killing those people! I should not be having nostalgia for a place I hated. Perhaps freezing my butt here out by Seattle and knowing the people back there are nice and warm with 90+ degree weather is what’s causing me to think this way.

Perhaps now that I am older and more experienced I am now learning how to use more of my emotions. The emotions I am use to are primary hatred and anger. It wasn’t until I was out of high school till I really felt what being sad is like. I have rarely felt fear and happiness was not too common for me. Hatred or nothing at all were my normal mental states. This is most likely the case. I have noticed over the past few years I have become more emotional. I am more sympathetic than I once was. I am sad more often as well as happy. Fear is still not that common.

Do you ever feel nostalgic for something you know you shouldn’t?
I do not like this feeling.


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I do not think I should not feel nostalgic for the past...there were times when life was simplier and I had much more energy...I do wish I were back there sometimes...J


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I get very nostalgic, although it goes in phases. Usually it's the 'general' nostalgia, like "omg I miss the Gameboy games" or things like primary school or the good old days when I used to hang out with the kids in the neighbourhood and we used to play football on the green, and climb over fences. Sometimes I get nostalgic for things I shouldn't, like the year 2007 or 2008 or 2009 which were shit for me.. but they had their little good moments, so I end up missing them. It's so strange. It's usually triggered by songs I used to hear a lot back then, like A Fire Inside's Prelude 12/21 & Miss Murder, or MCR's Welcome To The Black Parade, Starz in Their Eyes by Just Jack or that Rehab song by Amy Winehouse. It's weird.

But there's a person I get very nostalgic about too, to the point I still miss him really badly, despite the fact it's been seven years. I always remember hanging out with him, and the games / TV shows we used to watch, and the days where we used to rebel against our year 6 teacher. Unfortunately I even dream about him a lot. People don't understand when I tell them, I usually get the old "you need to move on" or "let go of the past" crap, but it's really not that easy. I think it's because I never got proper closure with him and the fact we fell out really abruptly. I used to think it was because I liked him, but I don't. I'm 18 now, and we were best / close mates at 10 / 11, but still, I do have this weird feeling that one day I'll resolve it. But part of the feelings I guess is because he only lives like 3 minutes away from me and I see him at the shops sometimes and he was in my form at secondary school from year 7 - 11, so even after we stopped speaking, we still see eachother a lot.
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