Not a good day today :(

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    Don't know why I bother with these posts. I just don't have a journal at the moment and my hand hurts too much to draw. Which sucks because I wanted to finish some sketches that have been in a sketchbook for about 7 months now. I want to do them now but my right hand decided it was going to be shit today. (I have under-developed bones in my hands and the bones in my right hand aren't even connected properley, you should see an x-ray it looks messed up.) They pretty much hurt constantly because the bone thing affects the muscules but some days it's worse than others particularly when it's cold.
    So now I'm stuck with NOTHING to do that won't hurt, I'm feeling very low and seeing things alot and don't have therapy for ages as far as I know. I'm going to go mad, this is ridiculous, I feel like an idiot. I want to go downstairs but I can't bring myself to leave my room because I keep freaking about what I might see/hear/feel. :unsure:
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    sorry your hands are not being very cooperative with you today i hope that you can continue to draw maybe later have you tried drawing on the computer art that way it is easier to move your hands take care okay i hope you feel better soon