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not an option?

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when you feel suicidal...... keep telling yourself that su is not an option .. try to redirect your thoughts.. see someone... talk to someone... post here... whatever works... hugs


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I wish it was that easy.
Those things really are not effective much if the saddness stays.
Thanks for the comfort, all.


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This probely not going to work, iv gone as far as to have it all planned, that i was going to take each step, then i would start to feel perceful knowing what i planned on doing then i would allow my mind to wounder else were and thats when the thoughts of what i am missing or the people i will leave behind and something inside clicks. the mood passes. i dont know if this makes sense but i do know that there is someone who cares about you and there is a chance for more good stuff its just a matter of finding them. this prob didnt help . sorry.


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My ... uhm ... I dunno I guess I'll call him my mentor for now....

he was talking to me one day... he said... you can feel suicidal.. you can feel depressed... you can feel whatever you want.. just remember .. suicide is NOT an option.. its just not.. you can't do it its not an option.. you can't even consider it

.. he looked me straight in the eye.. I've sorta believed it sense then.. sense it came from him...


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people always tell that to me.
"suicide is not an option you don't have a choise you are going to live and get throgh this you dont have an option to take your life..."
yeah i hate when people say that becaus eit's like "oh, yeah, wanna bet?"
it's like they're telling you you have no controll over your life and I dont like that feeling.
personall opinion, though.


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TLA, I'd also like the answer to this question.
One big thing that tells me that suicide isn't an option is how devastated my mom and little brother at least would feel about me dying. I so far haven't lost a loved one and can't imagine the horrible pain, in fact, I'm now afraid of living when my parents eventually pass away. :sad:

Sometimes, its actually nice not to have options, if suicide is absolutely not an option, then you are able to concentrate on making your life better and working on improving it. But if suicide is still an option in your mind, your stuck in limbo somewhat and it becomes very hard just to exist.
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